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WCEE Message - Western Student Video Project

Earlier this year, WCEE participated as a community partner in Western's Organizational Change Practicum course offered to students through the College of Business and Economics. Working with WCEE as a client, a four-student consulting team* took on the ambitious project of creating three videos to support the Coalition's marketing efforts. They conducted five interviews with Coalition members, gathered footage from across the county, and edited together videos tailored to different core audiences: 1) Coalition Members, 2) Schools, and 3) Funders. See the videos below.

It would have been ambitious enough for students to create one video, let alone three. How did they do it? They said they approached the project up front with clear expectations of the distribution of work. Instead of everyone trying to do everything, they established clear roles based on their skills, interests, and capacities; and, they were okay with different levels of commitment and contribution as long as they made progress as a team. What a great example of collaborative teamwork!

In addition to the videos, the filmmakers generously provided WCEE with the raw footage so we can incorporate additional voices, perspectives, and updates into future iterations.

Thank you to the filmmakers, Coalition participants, instructor Lori Daniels, and Hannah Newell for making this happen!

WCEE Coalition Member Message

"As a Coalition we can identify those gaps in programming by grade level or specific focus topics and we can align our objectives so they build on each others' programming... we can do more together than we can separately." - Annitra Peck, Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association

School District Message

"I look forward to a day when environmental education and food education are a normal part of education." - Laura Plaut, Common Threads Farm

Funder Message

"One of the things the Community Foundation loves to do is connect people with resources and ideas with the passionate folks on the ground." - Pamela Jons, Whatcom Community Foundation

*Western Washington University Consulting TEAM: Katie Scoles, Brandon Pruett, Avery Dykstra, Kaleb Korta (coordinated with Hannah Newell and instructor Lori Daniels)

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