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A group of students sits in the snow surrouding a group of three adults with equipment, photos, and a white board.

Snow to Sea

A collaborative outdoor learning pathway hosted by multiple community organizations  reaching all students at at Nooksack Valley Middle School starting in 2022.


Snow to Sea is a pathway program for middle school students (6th – 8th grade) hosted by multiple community-based organizations. Throughout the three-year program, students follow water molecules from the Nooksack River’s high alpine headwaters down to the river-mouth and saltwater of the Salish Sea.


Snow to Sea is supported through Washington State funds administered by the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO).

Join the Seed to STEM Planning Team

On behalf of the Nooksack Valley School District, Vamos Outdoors Project, the Nooksack Indian Tribe Education Department, and the Wild Whatcom SEED program, we are looking forward to welcoming you to the Seed to STEM program.

The Seed to STEM program seeks to develop a career-connected, outdoor learning pathway serving K-5th grade students and leading into the existing Snow to Sea program at Nooksack Valley Middle School. Seed to STEM is intentionally designed to benefit all students by specifically providing equitable support that benefits Native students, Latine students, and students with developmental disabilities. These experiences prioritize students’ passions and cultural values, help them discover diverse and sustainable career paths, and gain the skills and confidence to pursue them.

The Nooksack Valley School District is seeking applications from community partners who provide outdoor learning experiences for K-5th grade students to participate in a funded planning process in Spring 2024, and partner on the implementation of the pathway program in the 24-25 school year if additional funding is secured.

Number of students for all three elementary schools:

  • K - 139

  • 1st  - 139

  • 2nd  - 136

  • 3rd  - 178

  • 4th  - 157

  • 5th - 173


Class sizes range from 15 - 26  (the highest class size would likely never be more than 28 at elementary)

If you are an outdoor learning provider, member of the Snow to Sea team, or offer support services that will benefit this effort, please consider joining the Seed to STEM team as a community partner by completing this application form (due March 29th, 2024).

Seed to STEM Materials for Community Partners:

Community Launch Meeting Slides

Program Guidelines

Curriculum Materials


Snow To Sea Journey


Whatcom Explorer: Mobile Watershed

Snow Science with Snow School

Outdoor Recreation with Camp Saturna

Science Fair with Western Washington University


Farm Tour with Whatcom Conservation District

Marine Science with Garden of the Salish Sea Curriculum


Set Sail with Community Boating Center

Vamos Outdoors provides additional support for Latine, Migrant, and MLL students in the field

All Students

NSEA_SFS_Kendall_12.2 (8).jpg
A group of middle grade students sits on the beach next to a sqaure on a measuring tape. They have clip boards and look to be discussing something.

“I love every part of it, the water, the learning, the environment, everything.”

- 7th Grade Student

"I think it was fun because I've never experienced any of these places."

- 6th Grade Student

"It was a lot of fun and I hope to continue this scientific Snow to Sea project."

- 6th Grade Student

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