How We Started


You can call us 'The Coalition' or just 'WCEE' (wee-see). We are a dedicated and continually growing group of community based organizations that focus our efforts on delivering high quality, nature based education across Whatcom County.

In 2019 the Whatcom Coalition for Environmental Education was brought together by Tandem Impact, a consulting firm that identified an inequity in the way nature based learning opportunities were distributed amongst Whatcom County. 

With their initial efforts, they collected data to show that inequity and brought together Environmental and Outdoor Education Organizations from around the region to discuss this inequity. 

In a room at the Mt. Baker Theater, the idea of building Pathways for K-12 Environmental Education was born. By working collaboratively, these organizations across Whatcom County can increase the joint capacity of their organizations to serve more of Whatcom County with valuable opportunities to engage and connect with our natural spaces and systems. 

Since the inception of the Coalition, many organizations continue to work alongside school districts across Whatcom County to bring nature based learning into the classroom, on school grounds and all around the Whatcom watershed. 

Lets Work Together

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