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October Updates - Making Room for New Projects

The month of October in Whatcom County is a time of shedding, to make room for what is to come. With Fall in full effect, we can take the time to look closely at what is right around us. Examining fungi, jumping into leaf piles, taking advantage of the last calm days on the water, and using our hands to craft items for future use.

As the natural world gets cozied up for the beginning of Winter, many organizations start turning to the planning phases of programming for the coming months. Together, the Coalition has some exciting planning projects to work on developing this winter:

  • Lynden School District - With the on-going development of a new city park right out the back door of Fisher Elementary, the perfect opportunity to provide K-5 Environmental and Sustainability Education has arrived. Members from the coalition will work towards developing a proposal to engage students in local, place-based education. Between roaming River Otters and swimming Salmon, this park has a multitude of offerings to engage young learners in their surrounding natural systems.

  • Mt. Baker School District - Partners are underway in delivering programming to students at Mt. Baker Elementary schools. From digging in the garden, listening and observing their natural surroundings and learning about stewardship, students are provided with multiple opportunities at the K-5 level to engage with their natural surroundings. This project was made possible through funds from the Washington State Legislature and a collaboration between Common Threads Farm, Camp Saturna, North Cascades Institute, and Wild Whatcom.

  • Partnerships in Development - We are working towards developing projects with Blaine School District, Whatcom Intergenerational High School, and Bellingham School District.

  • The Road to Outdoor Nature Based Childcare Licensing - Coalition members are invited to join Debbie Groff from the Department of Children, Youth and Families to learn about the licensing process and the benefits of being a licensed Childcare option in Washington State.

Our hope is to develop strong collaborative projects that will start this Spring and in the coming school year to continue to bring students in Whatcom County outside to learn, grow, play and connect with their natural surroundings.

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