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September Updates: Letting things land for Fall

This month presented a lot of new opportunities and provided the consistent reminder that change happens slowly and not all at once. The practice of patience is essential when trying develop new systems and projects.

  • Whatcom Intergenerational High School is working with the coalition to develop a series of experiences that connect students to their learning of the place that they live and give them the opportunity to direct future projects and experiences with community based organizations.

  • The City of Lynden is developing a new park called Dickinson Park, right next to Fisher Elementary and within a mile radius of every school in their district! This is part of a larger plan to develop greenways for the city of Lynden. Recreation Northwest has been supporting the coalition in developing a proposal of use to create outdoor classrooms that can be utilized by nearby school groups or the general public. They have an upcoming Public Information Session on October 7th from 6:30-7:30pm.

  • E3 Washington’s Convenings Committee is interested in supporting similar coalitions like WCEE around the state and larger region. The program lead has been advising them on a structure that could support various regions around the state in the Environmental Education field.

  • Career Connect WA is coming out with more Requests for Proposals in the coming year. The coalition will be developing a proposal using WCEE’s Pathways model. More information will be coming up about this opportunity in the next few months.

  • Using ESSER Funds to support Outdoor Classrooms and Education in schools - This is a slow process, but I have been working with Elizabeth Schmitz from OSPI on advocating for the use of ESSER funds to develop outdoor classrooms and green schools. Take a look at the resources provided by NAAEE if you’d like to help spread the word.

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